Joshua’s Place is a Christian outreach ministry focused on helping individuals overcome generational poverty. We stand alongside vulnerable families by providing material, relational and spiritual support. We had searched for months for a parenting course that was practical, relational and faith based. Tried and True® met all standards as the team delivered excellent content in a non-threatening and applicable format. We have now added this course to our menu of development options and will offer 2-3 sessions per year.
— Kevin Peyton, Lead Pastor, Village Community Church
My wife and I walked through individual consultation to learn some new parenting techniques. We were interested in the program for all three of our children but were having the most difficulty with our 3-year-old. The program itself was exactly what we were looking for, with practical and experienced-based advice. Our biggest challenge was not disciplining out of anger- Jen and the techniques embedded in Common Sense Parenting® were especially good at giving us tools to deal with this problem. Without Jen, though, we would not have felt nearly as confident applying the program to our children. Jen is down to earth, approachable, and offers tailored, thoughtful advice based on her own experience as a parent. We could not recommend anyone more highly for parents with problems like ours.
— Ben & Katie Kerrey
We have so enjoyed working with your team these past few months. Although the parenting book has excellent ideas, is easy to follow, and addressed areas of concern we were having, it was the time we spent with you that enabled us to make real progress. We appreciated that we could discuss our specific situations with you and that you were able to guide us into effective action plans and also provided valuable feedback on how we handled various interactions throughout the process. You took into account that our faith is central to our family life and helped us pair new techniques with our existing beliefs. Consistency is the key to making any changes and we are glad to have had a opportunity to have guided practice under your supervision and to finally coordinate and implement some of the things that we have tried off and on over the years with varying degrees of success. The new ideas are also very energizing! We have a lot more confidence in meeting the special needs of our children and credit the calmer and more positive atmosphere in our home to working with you. Thank you again for all of your time and effort. You are a blessing to us.
— Deborah S.
Tried & True Parenting® gave me tools to help my child learn appropriate behavior. I was feeling really out of control when it came to discipline and Tried & True® helped me regain that control. What I loved most about my experience was it not only taught me to reinforce behavior via negative consequences, but with positive consequences as well. It is easy to lose sight of the good in your child when you are constantly dealing with undesirable behavior. Tried & True® helped me believe in my child again and in my ability to parent effectively.

From the start, my trainer made me feel like the problems I was experiencing with my son were not abnormal, something that I feared most! They had a thorough understanding of the both curriculum models and possesses the skills required to teach the techniques in each. Most evident, was our trainer’s compassion and desire to help me get the results I needed which makes them such a valuable practitioner!
— Michelle H.
The Tried & True Parenting® methods are simple and effective, based on research that help parents and children learn and grow together. My wife and I work better together dealing with our childrens’ needs, and our children have learned to deal with their challenges in a more positive manner.

Our trainers were excellent teachers of the Tried & True Parenting® classes. They made the material easy to understand and to put into practice. Their knowledge and capability made the classes useful and enjoyable, and have allowed my wife and I to easily implement the lessons into our daily lives.
— Chris & Maggie M.
I entered into this class thinking I had nothing to gain except for some time with my wife and some respite, a break away from my children. In a matter of minutes I was confronted with an arsenal of incredible parenting techniques and saw quick success and sustainable change with implementation week to week. I am honored to have been part of such a class and am now sharing my experience with anyone and everyone who have challenges in home or just desire to be better at this business of parenting. I’m so grateful for our experience.
— -Scott H.